Spiritual Seeker !

The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life.

As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart.

The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.

With spiritual blessings,

Harold Klemp

HU, the most beautiful prayer

HU this ancient name for God  is a love song to God. You can sing it. And in singing it or holding it in your mind during times of need, it becomes a prayer. It becomes a prayer of the highest sort.

If you want to lift yourself to a higher state of consciousness  -so that the political issues, the family issues, the social issues of the day do not throw you out of balance, so that you can find a happier, more contented life while you're living here  -sing HU, the most beautiful prayer.
               --Harold Klemp
                  HU – The Most Beautiful Prayer
Click on the picture to hear an audio clip of a group singing HU

Découvrez Harold Klemp, le Chef spirituel d’Eckankar 

Congres ECK du printemps 2019
19 – 21 Avril 2019
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Congres ECK Mondial 2018
26 – 28 Octobre 2018
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Congrès ECK Africain 2018
10 – 12 Août 2018
Palais de Sport Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

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D'Afrique Centrale 2019
Avril 26 – 28, 2019
Libreville, Gabon