Guest Speaker: Athanase Anani

Born in Benin, he began his studies he then continued in Senegal and France.
For thirty years, he offered his loyal services to companies in the sector of distribution of refined oil products as commercial, accounting and financial framework.
His inquisitive nature, his interest in spirituality and his quest for effective tools to achieve a deep inner harmony led him to explore different facets of Truth, in different philosophical schools or mystery.
Athanasius Anani discovered Eckankar in the early 80s and acceded without knowing anything else of his teachings as HU, a sacred sound and a hymn of love to God.
He is a member of the ECK clergy for many years and currently serves as the living ECK Spiritual Aide Regional Eckankar (RESA) in several countries of West Africa.
For him, life is a precious gift from God. As he feels a pleasure to recognize and appreciate the blessings and lessons of every moment.
His only goal is to seize all circumstances to fully experience to share God's love with all those who open their heart to the Light and Sound, to the Voice of God.



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Découvrez Harold Klemp, le Chef spirituel d’Eckankar 

2019 ECK Springtime Seminar
April, 19 – 21 2019
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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April, 26 – 28, 2019
Libreville, Gabon

2019 ECK African Seminar
August, 09 – 11 2019
Lomé, Togo

2019 ECK Worlwide Seminar
October, 25 – 27, 2019
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA